Glow Up, Grow Up!

“That’s what makes you extraordinary – your ability to live even when everything around you is killing you.”

So let them bash you. Let them call you crazy. Let them say you are not good enough. Let them say you are too much or too little. Let them call you stubborn and difficult. Let them say you’ll never make it. Let them think they are better than you. Let them think they are more important. Let them judge you all they want without knowing that all they are really doing is fueling you to become everything you are supposed to be and stay true with every little piece of yourself.

They’re doing you a favor because they’re showing who you don’t want to be around, who you shouldn’t trust and who only likes you when you are quiet because they can’t handle your voice. They can’t handle you.

So let them say whatever they want because eventually, you’ll stop listening and they’ll be nothing but background noise. Eventually, you will find your peace away from those who love disturbing you. Eventually, you will learn that if you can truly count on yourself, nothing else counts. So grow up little fella, you don’t own the world.

— ¬†Chureyn Kalle —


— Photos by Tumblr —